The trophy

Willing to make sustainable food systems and arts in the community dialog, the Foundation presents with the Premio Daniel Carasso a trophy created by the artist Jaume Plensa. This catalan creator, born in 1955, is recognized today at the international level for his sculptures and his works exhibited in public spaces.

The trophy, specially created for the Premio Daniel Carasso, will be awarded to the Premio Daniel Carasso laureates from now on. To know more about this trophy, we asked its creator:

What do the girl’s face and the hands that carry it and present it to the world mean? “I always thought that science, such as poetry, music or arts in general, is an urge of the human being in its constant search of knowledge. A way to ask fundamental questions differently. The girl’s face is the metaphor of the future being born from our hands. A future we need to protect and feed as there is nothing more precious in life.”

What message does your work give to the people who receive the Premio Daniel Carasso for their involvement for sustainable food systems? “For sure, I wanted the sculpture to be a celebration and a recognition for them. I am sure that the laureates, who spend their lives in the shadows to improve the lives of others, are the ones that will understand best the silence, the dream and the interior world which the girl’s closed eyes express.”

What has been your source of inspiration for this work? “Since my first meeting with the Fondation Carasso, I saw that we shared very similar ideas about our responsibility towards society and the world. Everything has been very easy. The trophy is the result of this complicity and it completely comes within my work on the human being.”

In your work, the human’s face is the central element. Does it represent a universal mark, both for arts and science? “I always have been interested by the duality between the body and the soul. The visible and the invisible. In symbolic, it is said that the face is the reflect of the soul, but also that the face is the most precise and perfect picture of all the information on a human being’s life in its permanent change. A face, in itself, is a document.”

Of what material is made the trophy? Does choosing this material have a specific meaning? “It is an acrylic resin with a mineral charge of an incredible white. For this project, white seemed necessary to me, because more than a color, it is a space where everything still has to be defined.”

How do the issues of research and sustainable food systems, fair and healthy for everyone, are linked to your preoccupations and your personal story? “My work pretends to feed the soul, as tough, I admire and respect those who dedicate themselves to feed the body. It is an essential and amazing association: the body and the soul.”